Sweet and Savory Party Cookies

A friend once asked me to share a few easy recipes for party cookies. My suggestion was that she could turn any one of her favorite homemade cookies into popular sweet treats. However, any party should have at least one of these savory or not-so-sweet munchies.

Do consider your time budget when selecting a recipe for party cookies. Do you have time to prepare and bake on the same day of your party? If not, a recipe that gives you the option of preparing your cookie dough a day or so in advance would be helpful.

Since most savory cookies and crackers keep very well, don’t hesitate to bake lots of them before the day of your party. I have found many helpful tips on baking these special treats in Cookies Unlimited written by Nick Malgieri and published by HarperCollins, 2000. I am repeating them here for your convenience.

  1. Crackers, especially those that are homemade, taste best when they are not too thick. So remember to roll dough out as thin as directed in the recipes.

  2. Allow your cookie dough sufficient time to chill or rest to assure that you can successfully achieve tip#1.

  3. If you want your homemade crackers to have the same size, cut pieces of roll-out dough accurately. This will ensure even baking.

You may be surprised at how little time it takes to bake your own party cookies. After all, preparing and planning for a party are part of the fun and excitement. Being able to talk (or brag :-)) about how you put the party together afterward is so enjoyable and satisfying.

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