What We Should Know
Before Baking Cookies

Baking cookies relieves stress, lifts our spirit, and helps us stay in touch with relatives and friends.

The amount of effort we initially put into any project determines the level of success. That is so especially true in baking homemade cookies. What you and I do, after having decided on a recipe, will determine the quality of our end result.

Therefore, it seems logical to follow this process when baking cookies.

  1. Read and understand the entire cookie recipe. Ingredients should be listed in the order that they are used.

  2. Select proper baking pans and prepare them according to recipe directions.

    pan for baking homemade cookiesCookie sheets that have sides are also known as jelly roll pans. True cookie sheets are flat except for a turned-up rim for easy handling.

    When I must use rimless sheets for baking cookies, I turn jelly roll pans over and use their back side instead.

  3. Measure or scale dry ingredients accurately. It is well worth investing in a good set of stainless steel cups and plastic spoons for measuring dry ingredients.

    For scaling ingredients to bake homemade cookies

    For baking cookies, the best way to scale
    flour is:

    scaling flour to bake cookies

    • Fluff the flour first with a spoon.
      Spoon it into an appropriate measuring cup.

    • Then level the flour by sweeping a straight blade object such as a spatula
      across the top of the cup.

      If you dip the measuring cup directly into flour, you will compact it and end up with too much flour for your recipe.

    With granulated sugar, you can use either this technique or the dipping method. Since confectioners’ sugar tends to be lumpy, I like to strain it before measuring unless my recipe indicates otherwise.

    A technique to scale brown sugar

    Always use fresh and soft brown sugar for baking cookies. Scaling it by packing into a dry measuring cup.

    Do not let brown sugar stand uncovered for a long period of time because an undesirable crust will form on the surface.

    Baking Cookies - For measuring liquid ingredients

  4. 4. Measure or scale liquid ingredients using fluid measuring cups.