Exploring a Cookie Business

Driving to the site of a cookie business

Milton, Delaware U.S.A. is the birthplace of a family-run homemade cookie business called Bella’s Cookies.
I visited the family home and production site on a beautiful, sunny morning.

My motivation for the trip was to search for a complete answer to a question that many of you had asked me. You were interested in knowing how to start a homemade cookie business.

In a nutshell, there are three (3) inter-related aspects to consider:

Legal – Involves registering your company’s name, applying for a business license or permit, deciding on a structure for your business (sole proprietor, partnership, LLC 1, or corporation), reporting to the IRS2.

Financial – Concerns with your written business plan, available sources of capital, your understanding of basic accounting.

Marketing – A business is not a business until it has a customer. The quality of your products plays a major role in getting and keeping customers.

Smart Cookies #012, you find a few do’s and don’ts about starting a homemade cookie business.

Mark and Kelly built their business based on relentless passion and exceptional product quality, along with the help of their two adorable children, Bella and Liam.

Bella's Cookies
Kelly bakes these gigantic cookies (5″ in diameter) under the most sanitary condition in the family-owned production facilities. She uses 100% natural, organic ingredients. Fresh eggs come directly from a local farmer who raises Rhode Island hens. Mark makes organic sugar from cane juice. Their two little children, Bella and Liam, are reliable cookie testers.