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Generally, the best cookie candidates for mailing are those that can last at least three days without loss of flavor. They should range from small to medium in size, at least ¼-inch thick and firm in consistency.

Sturdy cookies such as oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chips, biscotti, shortbread, bar cookies without sticky fillings or icings are great contenders. On the other hand, crisp, brittle, delicate cookies such as almond tuiles, meringues, macaroons are prone to damage during transit.

Proper packing is essential to successfully mail homemade cookies, therefore,

  • Use plenty of packing material. Shredded newspapers serve this purpose pretty well.

  • Always double-box, use
    1. Either rigid plastic containers or tins to hold cookies.

    2. A sturdy carton or box to hold cookie containers and a generous amount of packing material.

First, wrap cookies in pairs, with their flat sides facing, in either aluminum foil, plastic, or wax paper. Sticky cookies, however, such as brownies should be individually wrapped.

To preserve their special characteristics, do not store nor wrap cookies of different texture together. Otherwise, they will pick up flavor and texture of one another.

Then, carefully place the wrapped cookies in containers or tins making sure that there is little space for them to shift. Fill spaces between them with crumpled wax paper.

Always position the sturdiest cookies at the bottom, separating each layer of cookies with a piece of wax paper. Leave about ½ inch of space at the top of the container and fill it with packing material.

creating airtight seal to mail homemade cookies
To create an airtight seal, place a sheet of plastic wrap over the top. This plastic wrap should be large enough so that when you close the lid, it drapes over the rim.

Before placing the container full of cookies in a shipping box, put enough packing material or shredded newspaper at the bottom for cushioning. Then, fill the sides and top with additional packing material to comfortably secure the cookie container.

Finally, remember to add a written, well-thought note before sealing the box. It’s best to mail homemade cookies using the fastest means of shipping. Mail early in the week to avoid having cookies sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

With that said, you and I could not mail homemade cookies without first baking them. So, let’s start by selecting your favorite easy cookie recipe. 🙂