Cookie Exchange Ideas and Tips

A party hat for your cookie exchangeA cookie exchange party is a great way to sample and enjoy an interesting assortment of delectable homemade cookies. Fund raising, retirement, baby-shower, reunion, discussing how to set up a cookie business, etc. are all good reasons for it. Get your guests involved in such activities as Spring cleaning, ice-skating, barbecuing….

A great reason to host a cookie exchange party is converting someone without a sweet tooth into a cookie lover. The party presents a perfect situation to engage him/her. Of course, this person will be the guest of honor who would not (yet!) have to bring any kind of homemade cookies.

To keep your guests alert and engaged, do not serve them milk. The tryptophan in milk couples with carbohydrates in homemade cookies will make them feel sleepy.:-) There is a reason why we used to have cookies and milk before bedtime after all.

At the party, everyone including the guest of honor will have plenty of opportunities to explore the making of different kinds of cookies, from
easy recipes and simple ingredients to proper equipments and baking techniques.

Ask your other selective guests to bring their favorite homemade cookies and prepare to share and explain their recipes. Specifying the quantity of cookies that each guest is expected to contribute helps assure that there will be enough cookies for everyone to sample and take home (at least a dozen cookies).

Unless you have extra plastic bags, boxes, or cartons in which your guests can store their cookies for the trip home, do encourage everyone to bring their own containers. Each type of cookies should be kept separately from the others to preserve its original flavor and texture.

On the other hand, if your guests prefer to ensemble different types of homemade cookies on a platter, here is a very efficient way to do so.

Another hat for your cookie exchange party

Your success in this converting endeavor is measured by how much your guest of honor, before leaving the party, is eager to extend his/her newly acquired baking skill toward a first batch of homemade cookies.

Experience has taught me not to exclude men from the guest list. In fact, the guest of honor at my last cookie party recently gave me a batch of his very own homemade cookies for my birthday. He wanted me to evaluate it. It was the best homemade cookies I have ever tasted!

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