Tea Biscuits with Chocolate Butter

You say biscuits! I say cookies! It does not matter at all so long as we all have this recipe for scrumptious cranberry chocolate miniature biscuits.

Serve them warm with hot tea or with chocolate butter for a richer taste. They are perfect for breakfast, snack, or appetizer.

The recipe calls for nonfat buttermilk, but you can easily substitute it, like I did, with nonfat plain yogurt on a one-to-one ratio.

Don’t have any yogurt? Try adding a teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of milk, and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes. Voila! You now have a cup (and a teaspoon) of buttermilk.

All purpose flour 3¾ cups
Baking powder 2 Tbsp
Granulated sugar 3 Tbsp
Salt ½ tsp
Unsalted butter 8 Tbsp
Chill and cut into small pieces
Nonfat buttermilk 1¼ cups
Dried cranberries 1½ cups
Soak in water for 2-3 hours, drain well
Semisweet mini chocolate chips 6 oz.

Preparing dough for biscuits

  • Sift flour, baking powder, granulated sugar, and salt together.

  • Add small pieces of chill butter. Work them into the dry ingredients by hand until the mixture has a mealy texture.

  • Add buttermilk, cranberries, mini chocolate chips and mix until dough comes together. Don’t over mix.

    Cutting out dough

  • Let dough rest under a cover for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, and line a couple of cookie sheets with parchment paper.

  • Move dough to a clean, lightly flour surface. Roll it out to about ¾-inch thick, and cut it out using a 1½-inch round or scallop cutter. Re-roll the scrap.

  • To minimize scrap, start cutting from the edges and work toward the center.

    Ready for baking

  • Arrange cut-out dough on prepared cookie sheets and bake for about 15 minutes. Rotate baking sheets 180 degrees about half way through baking time. Biscuits should be very lightly brown.

    Cranberry Chocolate Biscuits
  • This recipe makes about 4 dozens mini chocolate cranberry biscuits.

    They are best if served immediately. Otherwise, these irresistible sweets will keep for a couple of days in a seal plastic container. Warm them for 5 minutes in a 325 degree F. oven before serving.

  • To make chocolate butter, melt 1 oz of semisweet chocolate. Beat ½ lb. of softened butter on medium speed for 2 minutes. Add the melted chocolate and continue beating on high speed for about 5 minutes or until fluffy.
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