Baking Homemade Cookies Essential DO’s and DON’Ts


Homemade Bouquet of Cookies for Mothers
A Homemade Cookie Bouquet

Baking homemade cookies successfully takes more than easy cookie recipes. To achieve a certain texture, appearance, and nutritional value requires an understanding of ingredients, tools, techniques, and baking process. Having the best coffee maker to make a cup of good coffee to go with your cookie would also go a long way, as is getting a good air purifier for the living room here:

It also helps to follow these five rules:
1. Understand the nature and characteristics of each ingredient, namely flour, eggs, fats & oils, sweeteners, leaveners, flavors, and even decorating materials like fondant, marzipan, etc.

Each certainly contributes to the appearance and texture of homemade cookies in its own way.

mise en place before baking homemade cookies
Mise en place before baking cookies

2. Measure baking ingredients accurately by using proper tools and techniques. This is part of mise en place – a French term means accurate selection and measurement of ingredients.

3. Do not overmix your cookie dough.Overmixing does not yield perfect homemade cookiesOvermixing encourages gluten development, resulting in dense and tough cookies.

4. Do not overbake. Closely monitor oven temperature and baking time.

5. Always bake your homemade cookies with passion. 🙂

I learned the first four rules very well in my cookie baking classes. No one, unfortunately, can teach you and me the fifth rule. I hope that with your existing passion for baking cookies, you will find this Web site informative and inspirational because I have so much more to share with you.

Speaking of sharing, all cookies are perfect for that purpose due to their relatively small size compared to that of cakes and other baked goods. They don’t take much time to prepare and bake. Most of us would likely have flour, eggs, butter, and sugar on hand at home anyway.

When it comes to sharing these all-time favorite treats, there is no boundary, geographical or otherwise. With proper mailing technique, you can send them all over the world.

Without further ado, I cordially invite you to browse through the site. The following TABLE OF CONTENTS will help you navigate through it with ease.

Delicious Cookies
Delicious Cookies
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