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I’m ecstatic that we are still connected.

Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pies are so Americans, don’t you think? The saying “as easy as pies” is widely used and understood in the USA.

I am, however, extending the appreciation for all-flavored pies to people worldwide in the next issue of Smart Cookies. It will cover my adventure of being a judge, or rather a taste tester if you will, at the upcoming Crisco National Pie Championship to be held on April 27, 28, and 29 in Orlando, Florida.

I expect to learn a lot from both professional and amateur bakers about how easy it is to bake delicious pies of all flavors and texture. I promise not to compare whether it is easier to bake pies or cookies at home.

Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, I am showing off what I have learned about baking the easiest type of cookies at home.

  1. About Refrigerator or Ice Box Homemade Cookies

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  3. Tips for Baking Homemade Ice-Box Cookies

About Refrigerator or Ice Box Homemade Cookies

Baking refrigerator or ice-box cookies at home is considerably the least time-consuming. It only requires you to remove a roll of dough from the freezer, put it on a clean cutting board, slice off as many rounds as you want, and bake.

However, you have to put a roll of dough in the freezer in the first place, but preferable not to exceed 30 days in advance.

The basic template contains 1 part sugar, 2 parts fat or butter, 3 parts flour, one or two eggs, a little salt and leavening powder. Complete the masterpiece by adding as much or as little other ingredients such as chocolate chips, dried fruits, nuts, etc. as you like.

However, don’t hesitate to vary quantities of the big four ingredients to suit your taste buds.

Initially, I plan to suggest a sample recipe for ice box cookies. On second thought, it’s best to let you create your own recipes and let me know how they turn out.

New Postings

Rainbow Cookies with Almond Filling and Chocolate Topping

Ingredients and baking direction for delectable rainbow cookies.

Easter Eggs in Baskets Made of Homemade Cookies

A recipe for cookie baskets. A creative centerpiece for Easter eggs or your favorite sweets.

Popular Chocolate Desserts – Brownies or Chocolate Chip Cookies
Popular American chocolate desserts are arguably brownies and chocolate chip cookies. These recipes will show you that rocky road is not just an ice cream flavor.

Quick Recipes for Healthy Bar Cookies and a Day Trip

One of my quick recipes yields these delicious oatmeal chocolate chip bars. Here is how I made them for a day trip to the park.

Tips for Baking Homemade Ice Box Cookies

  • Keeps ingredients such as butter, eggs, milk at room temperature. When time is an issue, immersing cold eggs in barely warm water to quickly take the chill out.

  • Chops ingredients such as nuts and chocolate finely to make slicing dough easier and neater.

  • Prevents dough from developing a flat side on bottom while in the freezer by putting it in a cardboard tube. I usually save the center tube of a used-up roll of paper towels for this purpose.

Until next time ….Keep on baking.

Published date: April 25th, 2012

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