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The 3 best retro microwave reviews have been provided below. A microwave is a kitchen item that is needed. It is easy to warm food within a microwave and a microwave does not take up a lot of space. It is a good idea to have a microwave in your home due to the many functions that it performs. After reading about different retro microwaves, our top pick is: the RMO770BLK retro microwave from Nostalgia Electronics. The Nostalgia Electronics RMO770BLK retro microwave has many positive customer reviews. It has amazing features for instance an LED display and 12 pre-programmed amazing features.

3 Best Retro Microwave Reviews: Nostalgia Electronics RMO770BLK Retro Series

1. 3 Best Retro Microwave Reviews Nostalgia Electronics RMO770BLK Retro Series
This is regarded as a smaller version specifically of Nostalgia’s retro-styled unit. It has 12 pre-programmed type of features. You will get a 24-hour useful international time display. There is also an LED display plus a digital clock. There are five power levels along with 700 watts specifically of cooking power. It is a 0.7 cubic foot microwave. Check this microwaves size if you wish to purchase it due to the fact that it is rather small. Nostalgia Electronics has other items in its retro collection including a blender, an electric water kettle, etc. The above microwave has been built precisely to the North American Electrical Standards. You can get it also in a red color. This microwave has a useful chrome door handle. The cooking settings are handled by the turn-and-push handy program dial.

Its weight is 27.6 lbs. The dimensions of this product are L 18 x W 14.2 x H 11. Some customers claim that this microwave looks rather stylish and is cute. It is a small microwave that will take up less space within your home. A complaint about this microwave is that it has no timer or even alarm. You should carefully check its size if you wish to buy it due to the fact that it is rather small.

Nostalgia Electronics RMO400BLK Retro Series Microwave

3. Daewoo KOR6N9RW Digital Microwave
Included in the 3 best retro microwave reviews, this microwave can be brought for a bit. If you want to remember the 1950s then you can transform your kitchen into a 1950s look. You can do this by adding this microwave that has a classic design, into your kitchen. This microwave has a sleek retro design. The oval window plus chrome accents give you a classic look. It is a 0.9 cubic foot capacity microwave that has 800 watts specifically of cooking power. You will get 12 one-touch handy menu cooking choices. The programs are handled by the turn along with push selector knob. The beneficial glass carousel aids in cooking your food evenly. There is a dial control plus turntable. This microwave has been built to specific North American Electrical Standards. Despite having a retro design, this microwave is still able to give you the wonderful fast-cooking appeal precisely of any modern appliance.
This microwave is able to look stylish within your kitchen. It will be amazing for your rec room or even your theater room. This microwave’s cooking setting is handled by the useful turn-and-push type of program dial. Its weight is 30.66 lbs. This product’s dimension is L 19 x W 15 x H 11. Some customers have complained that this microwave died quickly.

RCA RMW953 Microwave Oven

3. RCA RMW953 Microwave Oven
It is a 9/10 cubic foot type of microwave oven that has 10 power levels. You will get a soft touch electronic type of control panel. The auto-cook menu is a convenient one. To get even heating, this microwave has a glass turntable. It is also removable and dishwasher-safe. There is a digital clock along with kitchen timer. This is a 0.9 cubic foot microwave. It has 900 watts. There is a useful end cooking signal. There are 6 one touch type of cooking menus. Some complaints about this microwave include the statement that its turntable gives much noise. A complaint stating that its design is not good can also be found. A customer stated that this microwave was dented at the time that they got it. Positive reviews are also present, for example a customer says that this microwave works well.

If you are looking for a retro microwave to make your home get a unique 50s look then you can pick one from the above 3 best retro microwave reviews. If your interior has been decorated in a retro style then one of the above microwaves will complement that style. Some of these microwaves are fun and also tend to look rather stylish. Even though these microwaves have a retro style they still have modern functions which you can employ. When you buy any product it is advisable to look at the customer reviews. You can then know how the customers who actually purchased these items felt.

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