Faema is a reputed vendor of coffee machines, it is a symbol of post war development in Italy. The espresso machines they produce are some of the best ones that you can invest in. They have different models ranging from semi-automatic to automatic. They have the most superior quality of commercial espresso machines and brew the best coffee. Here are some of our top Faema picks.

1. FAEMA Smart 2-Group Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

FAEMA Smart 2-Group Fully Automatic Espresso Machine
The Faema Smart 2 is a fully automatic espresso machine for commercial purposes. It comes with a 2 group automatic configuration and also has 2 steam wands. There is also a 1 hot water wand included in the system. The machine has the capacity to warm 11 litres of water at one time. The machine looks good and feels great use.

2. FAEMA Enova 1-Group Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The Enova machine is the most basic espresso machine made by the company. It is hence the best one for a small business that has just started up. This machine has been given added height so that it can accommodate tall glasses. It features an adjustable thermal system which is patented by Faema. Other features include a hot water economizer, a steam wand, a hot water wand and also a 5 liter boiling capacity. It is a great machine to start with.

3. FAEMA Emblema Tall Automatics with Autosteam

This is a premier version of the Faema espresso line. The tall style is built for American use, and the machine comes with the Faema AutoSteam feature. The auto steam is great for new businesses who are still looking for fully trained staff. What it does is that it automatically froths and steams your milk for latte and cappuccino topping. For newbies this great because they do not fully know how to do the barista technique and for the fully trained staff it is great because it is one less thing they need to spend time on if they have a long waiting line. The Emblema Tall also features, 2 steam wands, a hot water wand, 2 hot water selections and a 27.1 liter capacity amongst a range of other features.

4. FAEMA Emblema Italian-Style Automatic

This is made for standard height espresso drinks. It doesn’t come with the auto steam feature but it instead has 2 steaming wands. There are 2 hot water selections and 1 water steaming wands. The boiler capacity runs up to 24.1 liters and it also has the smart boiler technology. The Faema Emblema Italian style also has a boiler display to run the machine.

5. FAEMA Enova

Faema Enova1
Available in fully automatic and semi-automatic versions, this machine has tall glass capacity. They come with the Faema patented thermal balancing system and also with steam wands and hot water wands. The boiler capacity goes up to 17.5 liters. There is also an autosteam version of this same machine.

6. FAEMA E61 “Jubile”

The FAEMA E61 Jubile espresso machine is a fully automatic which has the adjustable group thermal balancing system patented by the company, and the legendary E61 group head for the true aficionado. The classic lines of the FAEMA E61 espresso machine revolutionized the espresso machine industry when it was first released in 1961, and it has since been brought back to life in this new FAEMA E61 Jubile automatic espresso machine. The machine features 2 steam wands, one hot water wand and also a hot water economizer.

7. FAEMA E61 “Legend”

FAEMA E61 Jubile
Like the previous mentioned coffee machine this machine too is a legend which has been recreated. The design again features a hot water economizer and 2 steam wands as well as one hot water wand. It is a great option for people who want their set up to have an old school feel to it.

8. Faema X54 GRANDITALIA Auto Steam

Faema Granditalia X54
This semiautomatic machine can be used for both espresso and cappuccino production. It can make a daily yield of up to 500 cups. It comes with the autosteam system which Faema is so famous for and also has 2 steam wands as well as 2 hot water wand. It also has an integrated cup warming shelf so that you always some china handy nearby.

9. Faema Granditalia X1

Faema Grandtalia
This espresso plus cappuccino machine is good for smaller but quick paced setups which have about a 150 cup turn over. It has 1 steam wand and 1 water wand. The machine also has a patented smart boiler technology. It is also very durable because it has a silver body.

10. Faema Barcode C&S MilkPS Touch

Faema Barcode
This machine is not just restricted to espresso and cappuccino but also makes gourmet drinks. The smart boiler technology the machine has boosts the steam and water production by 30% making it considerably better than many other market options.

These Faema machines are great picks for both big and small businesses. Be sure to check out all our reviews for the Faema espresso machine before making a choice.

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