Looking for the best wine refrigerator reviews? The one thing you don’t want to worry about when you have guests is whether the wine is too warm or too cold. Free up space in your cupboards and refrigerator with a stand-alone wine refrigerator that gives any home a modern, sophisticated look while preserving the quality of your wine in the condition that it is supposed to be served in.

Learning about wine is one of life’s great pleasures, and there is always more to learn. When it comes to storage it’s important to understand the difference between storage and refrigeration.

Let’s find out more:

Now that we’ve got that basic understanding, let’s get into some detail with our list of the Top 10 Wine Refrigerators on the market today.

Haier 12-bottle dual zone


A sturdy, modern, freestanding cooler with dual-zone thermoelectric temperature controls and an LED display, plus double-pane glass doors for maximum energy efficiency. The upper compartment is perfect for red wine while the lower compartment chills white wine beautifully. Finished in sleek black for the 12-bottle version.

Avanti 12 bottle thermoelectric

Avanti Thermoelectric

A classic black cabinet with platinum finished accents to fit in with whatever decor you have. Innovative design for 12 bottles, including the ability to keep 4 open bottles stored vertically. No vibration design means that the sediment is not disturbed in any way and the sleek, curved glass doors give it a modern, classic look.

NewAir AW-181E

NewAir 181E
The NewAir boasts a sleek, compact freestanding design which makes it easy to slot into tight spaces. The insulated doors maintain the temperature perfectly while the easy-to-read, push button temperature settings maintain the perfect chilling temperature. Stores 18 bottles with no problem and all for the great price.

Danby 36 bottle Freestanding


A tempered glass door makes for easy viewing while keeping out UV rays which can disrupt the chosen temperature. Beautiful blue LED interior lighting showcases the wines beautifully while not heating up the interior. The classic black and steel exterior is complimented by black wire bottle racks while the door can be adjusted to either open from the left or right-hand side. The 36-bottle unit retails at a very affordable price.

Igloo FRW-133 Digital


This 12 bottle wine cooler is perfect for small, compact needs. The stylish finish means it will complement most rooms and the adjustable height settings give it a convenience missing from many other wine fridges. Two layer glass door design, adjustable temperature controls and a white interior light make this a great value proposition.

AKDY 32-btl Electric Wine Cooler

AKDY 32bl

A silver cabinet with stainless steel door trim. Touch panel button controls and a digital temperature display. Low energy consumption and efficient heat dissipation make this an environmentally friendly choice while the interior LED lighting illuminates and displays your wine collection in an attractive manner. 32 bottles, stored comfortably, which makes it great value for money.

Koldfront 24-btl Freestanding Dual Zone


This free-standing wine cooler has two temperature zones, both which use thermoelectric cooling to ensure that up to 24 bottles of your wine taste as the winemakers intended. The top zone has a temperature range of 54 to 66°F while the lower zone has a temperature range of 46 to 66°F, allowing you to store red and white wines at optimal temperatures simultaneously. The wooden shelving, coupled with the tempered glass door in a black cabinet make this an extremely attractive, freestanding wine refrigerator.

Culinair AW162S ThermoElectric


Simple to operate and gracefully stylish, the Culinair AW162S will become an integral part of your home with minimal effort. It houses 16 bottles in comfort and boasts adjustable feet so that you can eliminate any vibrations which may upset the quality of the wine. This little gem is a favorite.

NewAir AW-321ED

NewAir 321ED

An impressive dual-zone refrigerator for the serious wine collector. The side by side dual zones allow you to control the temperature for your red and white wine collections. The wooden shelving housed in a black and steel exterior make it a stylish choice, while the external controls and the slide-out shelving give you ease of use.

Kalamera 80-btl Freestanding


Let’s finish off the list with the biggest fridge of the lot. An 80-bottle freestanding unit from Kalamera. This freestanding stainless steel unit is perfect for connoisseurs with a large wine collection. 12 wooden removable racks, blue LED lighting, touch active controls and a heavy duty compressor which keeps your wine perfectly chilled between 40F and 66F.

Once you’ve chosen the right refrigerator, it’s very important that you know how to load it properly so that it works best for your wine. Watch this quick video for a lesson in how to load a wine fridge.

So there you have our list of the best wine refrigerator reviews on the market today. They have many features in common but each one has something different that will be perfectly suited to your needs and make any party or catering situation you have a stylish affair.

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