10 best gas wall oven reviews

Gas wall ovens are great because you save a lot of space with your most important kitchen appliance. They are especially great for people who have space issues and cannot afford to have a separate oven on a counter and don’t have one built in their cooking range. A Verona gas wall oven gets rid of all of these issues because it finds its place not on a counter but on the wall. You can check it out here: Verona 24. This puts it completely out of the way of all the other things you need in the kitchen. Here are our ten best picks for the gas wall ovens.

Top Pick: Verona VEBIG24NSS 24

Verona VEBIG24NSS 24
This wall oven is a true powerhouse. The great thing about it is the robust stainless steel body. It makes sure that the oven is not only durable but lasts very long as well. It also features two heavy duty racks, a chrome handle and an infrared boiler.

Step Up Pick: Verona VEBIG24E 24

Verona VEBIG24E 24
This oven has a manual clean feature. It comes with an electronic ignition and an easy to clean porcelain interior. The infrared boiler makes this oven one of a kind. The compact oven is great for smaller kitchens and apartments. The great look will make it an accessory rather than an ugly appliance.

Budget Pick: Summit WTM7212KW 24

Summit WTM7212KW
This oven comes with dimensions that easily fit any kitchen spaces. It comes with a digital timer and clock and also a glass door which serves as a window and there is an interior light. The lower broiler section has a porcelain front.

The Contenders: Stainless Steel Wall Oven

Stainless Steel Wall Oven
This oven again features a timer and a clock so nothing ever gets burned. The stainless steel body is premium and it has professional high bars which make it easier to open and close. The stainless steel body is also easy to clean. The oven has lighting inside which makes it easy to view things on the inside.


This traditional manual clean oven, has interior lighting for easy viewing. Its cosy dimensions allow it to be easily fitted into small walls and cupboard indentions. It comes with a set of smart controls as well as a broiler drawer. It is a great option for people who are looking for something medium size. The oven is not only easy to use but it is also stylish.

GAGGENAU BS280611 30

GAGGENAU BS280611 30

One of the greatest things about this oven is the way it looks. It is perfect for the modern kitchen. This oven is a combination one, which means that it uses gas plus other fuel as well. It comes with 6 memory recipe functions one of which is a meat mode. It has four racks and has a temperature of up to 450 degrees. You can also set your humidity levels and steam food without applying extra pressure.

GE PS950SFSS Profile 30


This beautiful piece of equipment comes a radiant smooth top. It also has an overhanging cooktop and a self clean and auto recipe conversion feature. This oven is definitely an excellent choice for your home because it is stylish and does what it needs to do.

Full Size – Bakery Depth Gas Convection Oven

Full Size - Bakery Depth Gas Convection Oven
This bakery depth oven is great for home bakers because not only does it take up little space but it also provided with good baking space at the inside. The upright design saves you a lot of kitchen space. It has 2 base sections and 6 inch stainless steel legs. Plus a draft diverter and a draft hood and fuel connector.

Zesto 309SS-1

Zesto 309SS-1
This small size, easy to fit into any corner oven has plenty of benefits. Not only is it made with stainless steel but it also has a compact design which makes it perfectly easy to put into any little available space. It has a consistent heat distribution feature and also a direct fuel diverter which makes it safer and easier to use at home. The size of the oven is such that it can be used to bake anything from pies to cakes to pizza and turkey.

Small Gas Pizza Deck Oven

Small Gas Pizza Deck Oven
This oven is again a great one for home bakers. Small enough to fit into small corners yet big enough for things like pizza it is an excellent choice for newbies who are just starting out. The great part is the solid body. The price is also very reasonable. As a commercial oven it is very reasonably priced.
These gas wall ovens are excellent for people who want to bake but are still pressed for space and cannot afford a full size one. Take a look at our top picks before making your choice.

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