Gas range cookers are great because they give you the instant heat required to cook a hot meal in seconds. They use gas took power not only the stove but also the main oven. They are great for people who like the traditional way of cooking best. The definitely have an edge over other cooking technologies because of the amount of warmth they generate. Gas range cookers are also easier to control, the knobs give the chef the ease to manipulate the fire and heat to their desire. However, their installation has to be done by experts. They also have the ease to be used with all sort of cooking wares. For electric ranges you have to use flat bottomed pots and pans but for gas ranges you can whichever style you are most comfortable with. Here is our top pick: Frigidaire FFGF3015LM.

Top Pick: Frigidaire FFGF3015LM

Frigidaire FFGF3015LM
This thirty inch gas range has a 4.2 cubic feet capacity oven plus 2 sealed burners. The larger burner is 12000 BTU and the smaller one is for 9500 BTU. It also has ready set controls and can easily be fitted into and corner of the kitchen because of its sleek and compact design.

Step Up Pick: Thor Kitchen Pro Style

Thor Kitchen Pro Style
This cooking range has lots of cooking space and has most specs you lookout for when buying a gas range cooker. There are 5 burners, 2 of which are 15,000 BTU burners, another 2 are 12,000 BTU burners and 1 is an 18,500 BTU infrared center griddle. There is also 22,000 BTU Convection Oven with a 5.2 cubic ft. capacity and a 16,500 BTU infrared broiler for doing other cooking jobs. The heavy duty cast iron continuous cooking grates make sure the food receives even heat through out. The body is made fully of stainless steel and has two tone control knobs with stainless steel bezel.

Budget Pick: Frigidaire DGGF3054KF

Frigidaire DGGF3054KF
This gas range cooker is a two in one because not only does it provide you with a cook top but it also provides you with an oven. The size is big enough to fit a roast or a Christmas turkey inside easily and also bake pies or pizza. It comes with a storage drawer; preheat feature and also self-cleaning technology.

The Contenders: GE Cafe CGS990SETSS

This cooking range has five sealed burners as well as an oven. The size and number of burners allows you to cooking plenty of dishes at one time. The oven is an added advantage, now you can roast the turkey while preparing the sauce and the side dishes at the same time. The convection oven also has a self clean features which ensures that you do not have to do it yourself all the time.


This cooking range has 5 sealed burners which all have a burning capacity of 17000 BTU. The number of burners makes this range great for cooking big meals with a variety of dishes. The cooking range also has an oven. The whole range also has an LPG conversion kit and is accompanied by a non stick griddle.


This cooking range has 4 large burners plus a convection oven and a broiler burner as well. It comes with heavy duty cast iron grates as well as electronic re-ignition. This range is big enough and with enough varied burner to allow you to cook plenty of different food varieties at once. You can also bake and broil at the same time. Rest assured this range will never hamper you from multi-tasking.

Samsung NX58J7750SS

Samsung NX58J7750SS
Both the stove and the oven have the oven have the capacity to cook multiple dishes at the same time in this range. The flexduo system ensures that different dishes can be cooked at the same time with different heat. The dual convection works faster and gives better results.


The cooking range has 4 high performance burners plus a super broil 17000 BTU burner and also an oven. The cooking range lets you cook multiple dishes at one time.


The range has a double oven and both are of good capacity. The primary one has 6.1 cubic feet of space. The cooktop has sealed burners and it has an easy clean feature. No issues in cooking multiple dishes at a time.

Other Product 6. DCS RGU-485GD-N

This stainless steel range is long lasting and will not ask for any repairs of replacements for a long time. The burners on this range can be manipulated to give the largest amount of heat as well the smallest for delicate foods and sauces. The cast iron surface gives a continuous cooking surface and the high heat gives you the possibility of cooking many different food varieties.

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