A Kid Cookie Recipe
No Baking Required!

Making delicious butter crunch clusters following this easy kid cookie recipe is a great way to spend a cold, snowy day indoor. It calls for simple ingredients like Cheerios cereal and peanuts. This is a fun project that you and your kids can definitely enjoy together.

I heated the butter in a glass-proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. That was a mistake because I couldn’t get the mixture hot enough to melt and caramelize the brown sugar. I should have also used dark brown sugar instead of light to give these butter crunch clusters a more appealing and appetizing look.

ingredients for butter crunch clusters-kid cookie recipes

Unsalted butter ½ cup or 1 stick
Dark brown sugar, packed 2/3 cup
Corn syrup 1 Tbsp
Cheerios cereal 2 cups
Salted cocktail or Spanish peanuts 1 cup

Beginning of A Kid Cookie Recipe – No Baking Required!

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