Whey Proteins in Homemade Cookies

Whey proteins add nutrition to homemade cookies without compromising flavor, texture, or appearance. They make it possible to reduce the amounts of fat and sugar in a cookie formula.

That’s not all! Since these proteins can imitate the structure and gas-trapping properties of gluten very well, they are perfect to use in baking gluten-free cookies.

These proteins are found in sweet whey, a byproduct of cheese making. They are of high quality and complete because they contain all the essential amino acids that a human body needs.

Besides proteins, sweet whey also consists of minerals, vitamins, lactose, and a very small amount of fats. Further processing to remove lactose and fats yields a highly concentrated protein-based material, known as whey protein concentrate or WPC for short. Another type is isolate or WPI that consists of over 90% milk proteins.

Sweet whey has been a bakers’ choice as a substitute for sugar because of its economical nature and tenderizing proteins. But ever since it is further processed into WPC and WPI, many bakers turn to whey permeate, a whey-based material, as an alternative. Although slightly higher in lactose content and lower in protein content than sweet whey, whey permeate works just as well.

Whey ingredients, in any forms, are gaining popularity in baking due to their functionality and protein enrichment. You can use them alone or as a supplement to wheat proteins.

Commonsense, however, would suggest that consuming whey proteins in excess may cause acidic blood which then triggers bones to release calcium. The role of calcium, in this case, is to bring blood pH back to its normal state of approximately 7.4. Yet, one may still run the risk of having calcium deposits in kidneys, and of other health issues.

It’s not surprising that the trend of using whey ingredients in cookies is growing at a fast pace. The bottom line is, “Your Health, Your Judgment.” Consume them moderately and responsibly to reap maximum benefits.

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