A Cookie Tribute

Ambition urged me to look into building a web site. Those who knew me thought that I was just going through a mid-life crisis. It will pass eventually.:-)

In the Summer of 2005, I started taking classes on baking: bread, cookies, cakes, etc. I was very excited about this newly acquired knowledge. I wanted to share it with everyone I know, and anyone I don’t yet know through the World Wide Web.

In spite of all odds, I had one thing going for me, commonsense. It told me to research carefully. Site Build It!, affectionately known as SBI!, came up on one of my Google searches. Needless to say, I studied its many features, what it offered, and compared it to other hosting companies.

As retirement is grinning at me around the corner, I will soon walk down the road along with cookies-in-motion.com to meet it. How about you?