How Do You Wish to Celebrate
Global Homemade Cookies Day?

For homemade cookies day

A homemade cookies day is long overdue for cookie bakers all over the globe. As a cookie lover and baker, I propose a special day for proper recognition and appreciation of homemade cookies and their dedicated bakers.

How did I cleverly come up with this terrific idea? You may ask. Well, the truth is that I did have some help. Reading an article about April 26, 2011 being the 2nd Annual National Pretzel Day automatically activated my somewhat sluggish gray cells.

You see, on that day last year and hopefully many thereafter, Pretzelmaker did and will encourage customers to visit its stores across the United States of America. After singing a snippet of their favorite song, customers receive a free SOFT pretzel while supplies last, of course. Those who are not endowed with a vocal talent can just simply say “National Pretzel Day.”